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Avenue of Stars

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Hong Kong

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Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars
The Avenue of Stars is an attraction on the Tsim Sha Sui East Waterfront, East Kowloon, close to the Museum of 
Art, The Space Museum, The Cultural Centre, New World Centre and the colonial Clock Tower where once stood the 
Kowloon - Canton rail terminus. The Clock Tower is the only reminder today and is now a Declared Monument. The 
44 metre high Clock Tower stands in small, but pretty and colourful gardens.
From Hong Kong Island the Avenue of Stars is easy to reach via Central Pier or Wan Chai Pier taking the Ferry 
across to the Star Ferry Terminal. Exit the ferry terminal turning right onto the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade 
walking along the riverfront with the colonial Clock Tower on your left, this then leads you onto the Avenue 
of Stars.
The Avenue of Stars was completed in 2004 after a HK$40 million investment. The 440 metre promenade opened on 
28th April 2004 and has proved to be a very popular spot for visiting tourists and locals alike.
Along the promenade you will find plaques, which, as with the star studded Hollywood Walk of Fame, are star 
shaped and set into the ground.  The plaques commemorate local stars from the past and present, some with 
handprints and signed, others as in the case of those already deceased, with just their names, all are stars 
who over the past century have helped make Hong Kong, the "Hollywood of the East".  
The are nine red pillars set in the ground along the promenade which tell of Honk Kongs 100 year cinematic 
A 2.5 metre bronze statue of the martial art movie star Bruce Lee was erected on the Avenue of Stars in 2005. 
It is both amusing and endearing to witness fans of Bruce Lee, copy his iconic stance and be photographed by 
their friends, family and onlookers.
The view from the Avenue of Stars over Victoria Harbour is quite spectacular, by day or by night. In fact at 
night-times it is a great place from which to view the nightly "Symphony of Light Show" when the Hong Kong 
skyscrapers light up and the lights dance to the accompanying music, another of Hong Kongs hugely popular and 
main attractions.
There are a number of places to stop by and have a drink or eat, including fast food outlets like Starbucks or 
many more authentic Asian restaurants. 
The famous Shangri-La Hotel is in the nearby vicinity as is the Intercontinental Hotel. Both vying for the 
best view over Victoria Harbour.
The Avenue of Stars also serves as a fantastic backdrop for outdoor photographic exhibitions, this year alone 
has seen exhibitions of early century French Fashion and the Red Bull Illume winning sports photographs.
It is a place you must take your camera, not only for the stars, the statues, the people flocking to stand by 
Bruce Lee, but for the scenic backdrop of Hong Kong Island, looking up towards the Peak and over the busy 
Victoria Harbour.

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Events around Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars @ Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront, Hong Kong (0.5 km)

Start: 15 Dec, 2017

Avenue of Stars is modelled after Hollywood”s Walk of Fame, and boasts a Bruce Lee Statue and imprints of other Chinese movie stars. It points towards Victoria Harbour. The best place to watch the night view of the harbor. Every night, the tall buildings along Hong Kong harbor will set up light bulbs on their walls and form into a wonderful sight-seeing.

Entrance Fee: Free open all year
Opening Hours: 09:00 am - 23:30pm