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Brighton Centre

Kings Road



Hotels near Brighton Centre

Kings Road, BN1 2GR, Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton Centre

Although visually a bit of a blot on the landscape, the Brighton Centre plays a major role in the economy of the area bringing in huge amounts of revenue.  Its the largest conference centre in the region accommodating up to 5000 delegates and is regularly used for the political annual general meetings.

It was opened in 1997 and just one month on, Bing Crosby performed his last ever live act before passing away.

Nowadays, there is a almost always a performance by some popular artist or performer on stage or some sort of event or gathering..

It is strategically well placed having quality hotels and the Pier within a few minutes walk. If you are arriving by train then the Centre is only a 10 minute walk from Brighton station.

The closest large hotel to the Brighton centre is the Metropole.


Closest Hotels

Around Brighton Centre, Brighton


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  • Sun Hall Mosaics Restaurant, International, 122 Kings Rd, (0.1km)
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