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City of London



City of London

EC, London, United Kingdom

City of London
The City of London

Hotels in and around Aldgate tend to be very busy with business travellers during the weekdays and much quieter during the weekend. They also tend to be quite upmarket and expensive.

This London area offers many 4 and 5 star accommodations both contemporary and traditional to suit all tastes.

Very close to Aldgate and with a high flying reputation is the Andaz City of London Hotel.  This property used to be the Great Western Hotel but is now a 260 guestroom 5 star hotel with rave reviews. Its a good location for easy access to Aldgate, Liverpool Street and Moorgate.

The closest to Aldgate Tube station is the Chamberlain Hotel located on the Minories.  This traditional 4 star hotel offers quite competitive room prices for the prime location. 

For more hotels in the City of London see our listing at the bottom of this page or to search for specific dates use the search box above.


About the City of London

The City of London, commonly referred to as "The City", is the business / financial centre of London.

Situated east of Westminster and immediately north of the River Thames, this "Square Mile" has only 8000 residents but in excess of 300,000 workers. Consequently, it can be very quiet at the weekends and it is very possible to get a great London City hotel deal due to the lack of business travellers.

Dating back to Roman times, this area was then walled and parts of this "London Wall" can still be seen near the entrance to Tower Hill tube station. Following the Great Fire of London, the expansion out of the city westwards began.

Within the City are several sub districts, or "wards". The present boundaries of the City are marked by black bollards with the City's emblem, and at main entrances,  a grander monument, with a dragon facing outwards, can be seen.

Around the City of London, London


  • Brodies Bar and Grill, International, 21 Wormwood St, (0.0km)
  • Duck & Waffle, International, 110 Bishopsgate, (0.0km)
  • Sushisamba, Japanese, Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate (38-39th floor), (0.1km)


  • Bishops Grape, 3 Devonshire Row City London, (0.1km)
  • Twentyfour/Vertigo 42, Level 24 Tower 42 25 Old Broad Street City London, (0.2km)
  • Agenda, Minster Court 3 Mincing Lane City London, (0.2km)


  • Nearest Department Store: Marks & Spencer, Liverpool Street, (0.1km)
  • Nearest Shopping Centre: The Royal Exchange, Royal Exchange, (0.5km)
  • Art Gallery: Wallspace, All Hallows on the Wall 83 London Wall 83 London Wall, (0.2km)
  • Museum: The Women's Library, London Metropolitan University Old Castle Street, (0.5km)