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Ladies Market

Tung Choi Street

Hong Kong

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Tung Choi Street, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Ladies Market
Ladies Market, Kowloon

Ladies Market is one of Hong Kongs most popular attractions.  Here you can buy fake hand bags, cd's, polo shirts, shoes, watches; you name it they have it.

Its a one kilometre street with stalls on both sides and all run by women.  Its hustle and bustle and at peak times you have to fight your way through the crowds, but its an amazing experience not to be missed.

Haggling is part and parcel of the visit and most times when you shake your head and walk off they will come running after you, showing a better price on their calculator. Many stalls feature the same items and you should take advantage of that by telling them its cheaper down the way. As a guide, insist on at least a third off the price.

It came about in the 70's when the government decided to legalise an area for market traders and the first one organised was Tung Choi Street.  Initially the vendors sold ladies clothes and accessories, hence the name Ladies market.

Whether you are on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon, travelling to the Ladies Market is simple on the MTR.  Get off at Mong Kok Station and take Exit E2.  When you see Nelson Street, simply walk along it for 100 metres or so. If you do get lost, like we did, then ask a policeman, like we did!

Its open every day of the year except for the first day of the Chinese New Year. its busiest in the afternoons but does not close until late in the evening.


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