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The Peak

Lugard Road

Hong Kong

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Lugard Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The Peak

About it - background

The entire trip to Hong Kong would be incomplete if you don’t travel up the winding roads and visit The Peak as it unfolds the city’s breathtaking sight. Located in the Hong Kong Island, The Peak is famous for its panoramic view of the city, sprawling greens cape and the fresh air for its location in the neighborhood. The Peak was the summer home of the Governor during 1868 which was a luxurious escape from the city’s scorching summer and soon the area was inhabited by the moneyed.


Also renowned by other names such as Mount Austin, The Peak is located at the western half of Hong Kong Island. It happens to be the highest mountain in the region with an altitude of 552 meters.

What to see or do when there

Introduced in 1888, a joyful ride on The Peak Tram is indeed a treat to holidaying at this hilltop. This tram has been running for the last 120 years and is considered to be the perfect way to behold the heavenly sight of the horizon meeting the city.

As the name itself suggests, The Peak Tram Historical Gallery in The Lower Terminus is a tribute to the Peak Tram and a display of all the old memorabilia is kept there. History, nature’s beauty, good weather, joyful rides, all packed in one little trip through the winding roads, and that’s precisely what makes this place one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist hotspot.

How to get there

The easiest and quickest way to reach The Peak is to take a ride on the famous The Peak Tram. Along the way, you will see some unprecedented natural beauty - something that we are sure will enrich your entire Hong Kong experience. The Peak Tram lower Terminus can be easily reached by any public transport (mini-buses or taxis), or even by foot from the MTR in Central.

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  • Hong Kong Day, Chinese, P128 The Peak Tower, (0.0km)
  • Pearl on the Peak, , Shop 2 1/F The Peak Tower, (0.0km)